Flute Dimensions

To start learning how to make home-made flutes here are flute dimensions for different flute sizes.

PVC Pipe Flute

Prepare grey PVC (polyvinyl conduit) with a half inch diameter. The length should be 412 mm long. Fit the head end with a rubber stopper. To tune it in G, here are the flute dimensions:

Embouchure: With flute sizes with the above dimensions, position the hole 30 mm from the extreme left end. Then bore a hole 9 mm in diameter using an electric drill. Be careful that the drill touches only one side of the pipe, not penetrating through the other side.

The left index: From the extreme left end, measure 203 mm to the right. Then bore a 9 mm hole on that spot.

The left middle: From the uttermost left end measure 232 mm and bore an 8 mm hole on that spot. Be aware of the differences in flute dimensions.

Left ring: The left ring is placed 263 mm from the left end of the pipe. It is sized 10 mm in diameter.

Right index: This hole is 298 mm away from the left end and is 7-mm big.

Right middle:
This is 320 mm away from the left end and 11 mm in size. Flute sizes, especially the holes, determine the different notes produced by the pipe.

Right ring:
This has a 3520mm distance from the left end and has a 9 mm diameter.

PVC Pipe Flute in D

Again, using a half inch PVC pipe, but with a 278 mm length, make this pipe in D. This time, the end joint is adapted to achieve a deeper embouchure or the hole of the mouth. A rubber stopper is also attached to the head end. Note the difference in flute dimensions to distinguish a G from a D flute.

Embouchure: This hole should be 23 mm away from the left end of the pipe and should have a 9 mm diameter.

Left index: Place this 135 mm from the left end and make it 6 mm in diameter.

The left middle: This should be 156 mm away from the left tip and 6 mm in size. The left ring should be 177 mm from the left tip and 6 mm in size.

The right index should be 198 mm away from the left tip, the right middle should be 216 mm away, while the right ring should be 238 mm away. Their diameters should be 6mm, 8mm, and 6 mm respectively.

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