Garden Trowel Sizes

A gardening trowel is a multipurpose tool that is mainly utilized in a garden. Its design is quite different from trowels that are primarily used for construction. There are many manufacturers of garden trowels and these products come in many different styles and sizes. The actual size and shape of this gardening tool will definitely depend on how each manufacturer has designed their respective products.

The Design of a Gardening Trowel

The fundamental design of a garden trowel can be seen as being no different from other trowels. Basically, all trowels, including the ones used in gardening, look like small shovels. The blade of trowels used for gardening can be made out of polymer or metal. Like other trowels, this type of trowel can have the handle directly attached to the blade or not.

The blade and handle may be designed with a lift or curve thus making it function pretty much as a shovel. On the other hand, both blade and hand can be designed to be straight, making the trowel look like a regular spade. Given these variations in design, people sometimes refer to these trowels either as hand shovels or hand spades. Take note that the trowels that have longer handles are designed to help people avoid stooping down too much when they do gardening.

Another difference one can observe from the many products sold in stores today is in the shape of a trowel's blade. Some trowel blades are more rounded in shape while others are designed to have a point. The rounded blades are obviously blunt and are much better for mixing and scooping. On the other hand, garden trowels that have a pointed blade are a lot better for digging on your garden soil.

Purposes of Gardening Trowels

Garden trowels can be used for a lot of different purposes. You can use it to break up garden soil and cultivate it. These trowels can also be used for potting, planting, and digging. Some trowels are even graduated to help gardeners in transplanting. These tools can be used for weeding, digging, and cultivating. Some of the newly designed trowels even have serrated sides, which are helpful in cutting off weeds and pesky roots.

Varying Sizes

Since the dimensions of garden supplies and tools are primarily dictated by their manufacturers, you will see a lot of these gardening trowels in various sizes. The different trowel sizes are usually differentiated by the dimensions of their blades. The usual trowel blade sizes can be from six up to eight inches in length.

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