Current Largest Digital Photograph

The current largest digital photograph is the Gigapixel Dresden. It was taken from Hause der Presse in Dresden, Germany. It measures 297,500 x 87,500 pixels. This 102 GB image has 26,031,250,000 pixels. It was taken by the Sächsische Zeitung newspaper in 2009.

Other Large Digital Photographs

The Yosemite-17-Gigapixels/Glacier Point measures 214,414 pixels X 80,571 pixels. The size is 96.5 GB with 17,275,550,394 pixels. The image was taken from Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park in the United States in 2008. The Megeve Valley image dimensions are 217,452 (W) x 76,846 (H) px. The 71.6 GB has 16,710,316,392 pixels. This was taken in 2009.

Compared to the current largest digital photograph, the Last Supper measures 172,181 x 93,611 pixels (W x H). The pixels are 16,118,035,591 and the size is 94.4 GB. It is an image of the Last Supper obtained at the Santa Maria delle Grazie in Italy. It was taken in 2007.

The Harlem 13 Gigapixels measures 279,689 x 46,901 pixels (W x H). The image size is 48.8 GB (13,117,693,789 pixels). It is a picture of Harlem, New York taken in 2007.

Another large digital photo is the Parete Gaudenziana. A picture of Parete Gaudenziana in Italy, the dimensions are 96,679 x 89,000 pixels (W x H). The image is 51.6 GB (8,604,431,000 pixels). The photo was taken in 2008.

The Gigapix and Others

Held up against the current largest digital photograph, the Gigapix appears small yet it is 78,797 pixels wide and 31,565 pixels high. This picture of Delft, Netherlands is 7.5 GB with 2,487,227,305 pixels. The image was made in 2004.

An untitled picture taken by Max Lyons of the Bryce Canyon in Utah is 40,784 pixels wide by 26,800 pixels high. The image is 2.06 GB (1,093,011,200 pixels). It was developed in 2003. Jim Hellemn’s Portrait of a Coral Reef is 76,934 pixels wide and 23,010 pixels high. The size is 4.95 GB (1,770,251,340 pixels).

Largest Print Photographs

While the Gigapixel Dresden is the current largest digital photograph, the largest print photo is the Legacy Project. The photo depicts a control tower and runways of the US Marine Corps base in Orange County, California.

It is 32 feet (9.8 m) high x 111 feet (34 m) wide (9.75h X 33.83w meters). The aspect ratio is 3.47:1. Unlike other large pictures, the image is seamless. Others are usually stitched together from other images.

This picture was created as a way to commemorate the arrival of digital photography. The picture was taken by converting the jet hangar into a camera. In effect, the world’s biggest print photo was taken with the world’s biggest camera as well.

The biggest assembled picture is an image of the Canadian Aboriginal forest. Taken by the Canadian Museum of Civilization, it measures 112 m (367 ft) (W) x 15 m (49 ft) (H). The photo was taken around 1988.

The current largest digital photograph and the others are all available online. However, it may only be a matter of time before another image emerges to be the biggest in the digital world.

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