Punching Bag Dimensions


The punching bag is a bag designed to be punched over and over. Its main purpose is to develop the punch technique, aerobic fitness and improve overall physical strength. It is known as a punch bag in the United Kingdom. 

Punching Bag Size 

These bags come in various sizes. The Roger Enterprises punching bag is 13” inches in diameter and 40” high. The Everlast 4214 leather speed bag measures 10 x 7 niches. The main criterion used for punching bags is the weight. Popular sizes include 80 lbs, 50 lbs, 40 lbs and 25 lbs. 

Materials Used for Punching Bags 

These bags are filled with different materials. The most popular choices are rags, sand, grains and other materials. There are also some punching bags that can be filled with water or air. These types of bags have an internal bladder. 


While the punching bag sizes differ, most of them are affixed to the ceiling or some sort of stand. The designs of the punching bag must also ensure it can take repeated blows without breaking or causing injury to the boxer. Many of them have are covered with leather. Other bags are covered with vinyl. 

Other types of materials can be used, but for all their differences, they all share the capacity to withstand mildew and abrasion. For infrequent uses, canvas can be used for the bag. There are many types of punching bags that can be used. The following are just some of them. 

Speed Bags

These are small bags filled with air. They are hooked at the top onto a rebound platform parallel to the floor. While the punching bag sizes are small, they help a boxer improve their hand speed. The speed bag also helps the boxer learn how to shift weight as they punch. These are also called speedballs or speedball bags. 

Swerve Balls 

Also known as floor to ceiling balls, they are very much like the speed bags. The only noticeable difference is the size. The swerve ball is connected to the ceiling and clipped to the ground. The swerve ball is used for punching, dodging and swerving. 

Focus Bags / Double-end Bags 

These bags are round and light. They are often hooked up to the ceiling and floor. They are constructed of semi-elastic or elastic materials. These are utilized for improving mobility and hitting. 

Maize Bags

Unlike other punching bags, the maize bags are not hit with much power. They are instead used for boosting the individual’s head motion. The use of the punching bag also helps the boxer learn how to avoid getting hit. 

Heavy Bags 

These are the ones used for heavy hitting. These are hung from chains. Sometimes ropes are used instead. Other heavy bags used are the tower or pedestal bags. Other types of heavy bags include those with horizontal suspension from the ends. These are used for uppercuts. 

The punching bag sizes to use will depend on your skill. If you are just starting out, you should commence with the light ones. 

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