Nationals Park Stadium Size

The dimensions of Nationals Park Stadium are 337 feet (103 m) for left field, 377 feet (115 m) for left center and 402 feet (123 m) for center field. The right center is 370 feet (113 m) and right field 335 feet (102 m). It is the home of the Washington Nationals baseball team.


The stadium has a seating capacity of 41,888. There are 41,000 seats and 66 suites. The suites are situated at the infield. The stadium also has the out of town scoreboard. It is 102 feet (31 m) long and 47 ft (14 m) high. Set up at the right field wall, it is much larger than the scoreboard at RFK Stadium.

Just beyond the left field bleachers are cherry blossoms, symbolic of Washington. The dimensions of Nationals Park Stadium allow people unique views from the stadium. From the upper deck one can see portions of the US Capitol.

There are also several fast food stands nearby including Ben’s Chili Bowl hotdogs, Dogfish Head and Five Guys Hamburgers. There is also a store dedicated to its mascot Screcch.

Luxury Seats

Also noteworthy are the luxury or club level seats in theNationals Park Stadium stadium. The largest is called the Stars & Stripes Club. Available to fans at section 206-221, it is comprised of two stories. This indoor lounge measures 33,000 square feet. There are numerous TV sets, fine food and vistas of the River Anacostia.

Next is the PNC Diamond Club. The design and dimensions of Nationals Park Stadium has put it in between the team dugouts. The PNC Diamond Club comes with a restaurant and bar. There is also a buffet. In addition the ticket comes with food credit. The food credit can be employed for the buffet or any concession within the stadium.

The Lexus Presidents Club or presidential seats are situated behind the home plate. Among the many features are a bar, buffet and more. The ticket holders can watch post game interviews live.

Improvements and Renovations

The stadium is being continuously renovated. The Red Porch restaurant has been expanded. Although the dimensions of Nationals Park Stadium have not been changed, components have been altered. The glass windows at the concourse side have been taken off.

In their place are sliding garage doors. The rear seats located at the Center Field Lounge have been replaced by an outdoor deck. The deck comes with more tables and chairs.

Statues of players from the Washington Senators have been added to the stadium. A giant Washington Nationals bat was also placed just above the store. It is located in the middle of the plaza. LED boards have been added at Center Field Gate. This is used to give instructions to people coming into the stadium.

First MLB Game

It was held March 30, 2008 pitting the Nationals vs. the Atlanta Braves. The Nationals won 3-2 with a walk off home run. That season the Nationals ended up with a 58-102 record, worst in the MLB.

The dimensions of Nationals Park Stadium and its features cost $611 million. Aside from hosting baseball games, the stadium was also the site of Pope Benedict XVI’s Mass held on April 2008.

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