Size of Car Floor Organizers

Car organizers not only help you keep your car clutter-free, they also help you know where your things are at all times.

This means you won’t have to ransack the whole car just to find your keys, wallet and other small items you usually throw in the passenger seat when you get in the car.

The size of car floor organizers is such that it won’t take up too much space, giving you still plenty of legroom.

Size of Car Floor Organizers

Car floor organizers not only include consoles where you can place your things to keep them organized, they also include car trash bins so you won’t have any litter lying around in the car which could create such a huge mess if given the opportunity to accumulate over time.

While the size of car floor organizers may vary from one to the next, they are nevertheless compact enough so as not to take too much off your legroom.

Car Floor Consoles

For the size of car floor organizers designed to fit trucks and minivans, this is approximately 12.5 inches in height by 27.5 inches in length by 8.75 inches in width.

Depending on the style, this type can have several compartments: for drinks, sunglasses, storage for a six pack, tissues holder and coin holder.

If you want to use your car floor organizer in your truck as well as in your sedan, there is a universal size of car floor organizers which you can transfer from one vehicle to the next without having to worry about whether or not these will fit snugly on the floor.

The size is usually around 15 inches in length by 8.25 inches in width by 6.24 inches in height.

Much like the previously mentioned car floor organizer, this can also have a drink holder, coin holder, tissue holder and storage compartment.

Car Floor Trash Bin

The size of car floor organizers for this type of organizer is basically around 8 inches in height by 5.75 inches in width by 8.25 inches in depth. This size is ideal for smaller cars.

For trucks and larger vehicles, there are sizes that come in dimensions of 9 inches in height by 6.25 inches in width by 10 inches in depth.

Both sizes have top covers that you can pull over so the trash won’t spill out and it will also keep the trash away from plain view keeping your vehicle still looking organized and well-kept.

Sometimes, car floor consoles also have a small trash compartment so you won’t have to get a separate organizer and trash bin for the car.

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