Sizes of GPS Units

Global Positioning System or GPS units are navigation tools that help you find the right roads or streets that will lead you to your destination.

These days, most car owners have GPS units installed in their cars to enable them to navigate through streets to be able to reach their destination at the soonest time possible.

This is especially helpful if you are driving down unfamiliar roads and a street map is badly needed. With GPS units, you no longer have to carry around a map as the information that you need will be provided by your GPS tracker.

Sizes of GPS Units

There are various sizes of GPS units that you can choose from and these are readily available in electronic shops, stores that sell camping equipment and even on the internet.

Smaller sizes of GPS units are typically around 4.7 inches in width by 0.9 inch in depth by 3.2 inches in height. For this unit size, the weight is generally around 7 ounces.

If you wish for slightly bigger sizes of GPS units there are also units that measure 5.6 inches in width by 0.7 inch in depth by 3.5 inches in height. These units weigh around 9.3 ounces.

Larger sizes of GPS units on the other hand are around 7 inches in width by 6.3 inches in depth by 3.9 inches in height and these weigh around 6.4 pounds.

You can see from the above-given sizes of GPS units that while the widths and depths have slightly larger differences in their measurements, the heights are basically just over 3 inches.

The heights are just enough to allow you to put these on your car’s dashboard without extending over it.


While GPS units are primarily used to help you with navigation, these are also equipped with entertainment features which make them even more useful.

There are GPS units that are compatible with iPhone and iPod units which allow you to play music straight from these two and also make hands-free phone calls right through your GPS tracker.

Other than their entertainment capabilities however, one very helpful feature that some GPS units have is the speed limit warning.

This will tell you whether you are going too fast or too slow on certain roads thereby avoiding being pulled over by a police officer for speed limit violations.

Finally, GPS units these days are equipped with voice features that tell you which street you are on, which street to go to and basically how to navigate through the roads to get to your destination.

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