Glue Gun Sizes

A glue gun is useful not just in factories but also for small projects like making crafts. The proceeding information shows the different types that can be used.

Glue Gun Sizes: 6300 Power Adhesive

The 6300 Power Adhesive weighs 3 lbs and has a coverage of 150 sq ft and 500 sq ft for every kilo. The melt rate is 10 lbs/hr with 8 lbs/hr the average output across range. The glue cartridges are 1¾". The glue gun also has adjusting knobs intended for left or right handed operation.

There is a power on signal and the heater is concealed. The voltage is 110/120V. 50-60Hz. The heater is 500 watts. The cable is 10 ft 3 core outfitted with plug / air hose. The device complies with the EN 60335-2-45. Warm up time is 10 minutes.

Glue Gun Sizes: Hotmelt TEC 3200

The Hotmelt 3200 weighs 2.5 lbs and is fitted with an external thumb wheel. This is intended to make plunger adjustments simpler. There are also options for plug in temperature modules. The voltage is 110-120V. 50-60Hz. The heater cartridge is 400 W. The cable is also 10 ft, three core (rubber sheathed). The melting rate is 8 lbs/hr.

The glue gun can be left on without causing the machine to overheat. The glue gun can also adjust the temperature by itself. The valve nozzle is designed for shutting off while the trigger pressure handles the output. The cartridges are 1¾".

Glue Gun Sizes: Surebonder CL-800

The Surebonder CL-800 measures 3 x 12 x 8.2 inches and weighs 1.2 lbs. Operation is cordless and it has an insulated nozzle. The glue gun is designed for porous and non absorbent materials. The Surebonder CL-800 uses high temperature to fuse a variety of materials.

Among them are ceramics, metal, leather and others. The Surebonder CL-800 runs at a temperature of 380 F. The 60 watt glue gun has an on/off switch. It comes with a stand and can be utilized with a cord or without it. The Surebonder CL-800 is compatible with the 10 inch glue sticks (7/16 inch diameter) or the 4 inch kind.

Glue Gun Sizes: Dremel 1200-01

The product measures 7.8 x 1.7 x 7.5 inches. The Dremel 1200-01 is equipped with an anti-drip tip intended to reduce glue wastage. There is a silicone cover around the tip. It is used for shielding against burns. The glue gun also has green and red lights to indicate if it’s ready to be used.

The Dual Temperature feature allows the user to select the one fit for the task. The glue gun also features 3 finger trigger. The Dremel 1200-01 has a large base to prevent the glue gun from being tipped over. The Dremel 1200-0 does not have to be unplugged to be turned off.

Whatever glue gun size you prefer, take care during usage so you don’t get burned. You should watch out for glue guns that heat up too quickly. That means you have to get all the pieces joined together before it cools down.

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