Air Cargo Pallet Dimensions

The most common air cargo pallet dimensions are the following. Regardless of the size, they are all designed for use in conveyor systems in both aircraft and terminals. These are also known as unit load devices (ULDs).

ULD Size Guide

Note: the dimensions are by (base width / overall width x depth x height.

LD7 pallets come in two types. One has linear dimensions of 224 x 318 cm (88 x 125 in) with a maximum volume of 10.8 m3 (381 cu ft). The other variant measures 244 x 318 cm (96 x 125 in) with a volume of 11.52 m3 (407 cu ft). The LD11 has a volume of 7.16 m3 (253 cu ft). Its internal dimensions are 153 x 318 cm (60.4 x 125 in).

The LD8 has dimensions of 153 x 244 cm (60 x 96 in) and 6.88 m3 (243 cu ft) volume. LD1 has a volume of 4.90 m3 (173 cu ft) with linear dimensions of 156 / 234 x 153 x 163 cm (61.5 / 92 x 60.4 x 64 in). LD2 by contrast, has dimensions of 119 / 156 x 153 x 163 cm (47 / 61.5 x 60.4 x 64 in) and a volume of 3.40 m3 (120 cu ft).

LD11 has a volume of 7.16 m3 (253 cu ft) and linear dimensions of 318 x 153 x 163 cm (125 x 60.4 x 64 in). LD8 measures 244 / 318 x 153 x 163 cm (96 / 125 x 60.4 x 64 in) and a volume of 6.88 m3 (243 cu ft).


Because there are different air cargo pallet dimensions, only select types can be used on aircraft. LD11s, LD6s and LD3s will fit in Airbus wide-bodies, L-1011s, Il-96s, Il-86s, MD-11s, 747s, 777s and 787s. Due to the narrow fuselage of the 767, it can only use LD8s and LD2s. The LD1 is not that common. It was made just for the 747.

However, LD3s are more widely used because they are so commonplace. LD3s are 45” high, so they can be placed on an A320. The LD7 can be used on late model 767s (those with the large doors), 747s, 777s and 787s. They are also compatible with Airbus wide bodies. Aircraft have different pallet capacities: the B727-100F maxes out at 8 pallets, while the A310 at 3 pallets.

Air cargo pallet dimensions are pretty much standardized. Only in a few cases will the sizes be changed. In military aircraft for instance; they may use different specs to carry special cargo.

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