Torque Wrench Dimensions

Torque wrench sizes differ. Some are 14 inches long and others are 18 inches long. The anvils vary too, with some measuring 3/8 inches while others are ½ inches. 

Torque Wrench Facts

It is a utility used for controlling the torque or circular force when tightening, removing or putting bolts in .The tool is available in various styles and designs. The configuration will depend on how the tool will be used. 


The beam torque wrench has a scale which gauges the torque being applied. The scale is connected to a slightly bendable arm. This will indicate the torque scale when the tool is being utilized. Beam torque wrenches are sufficient for general tasks. 

However, the measurements are not too precise. For applications that require specific torque measurements, other torque wrenches have to be used. 

The click torque wrench is another variant. Before you use the wrench, you can configure the wrench to use only a specific amount of torque. After reaching the specified torque, the mechanisms slip into place. 

With this in place, additional force cannot be applied. This is true regardless of the torque wrench size. The click torque is often used for bolt tightening, especially on car wheels.


Don’t apply too much force when using the click torque wrench. Excessive torque can remove the metal securing the bolt. If this happens, the wheel will loosen up. Aside from car bolts, it can be used on bicycles and roof bolts. In fact, the torque wrench can be used on other applications that need nuts and bolts.

Buying Considerations 

It is best to buy a toque wrench set so you can get several sizes. Having an entire set will let you work on different bolts. 

Tips on Using the Torque Wrench 

If you have a micrometer torque wrench, tighten the bolt or nut. After you reach the required value, you will hear a clicking sound. The handle will release, indicating it is time to stop. For dial indicator wrenches, check the dial on the handle. This will provide information on how much torque is being applied. 

A buzzing sound or LED light will let you know if the torque value needed has been reached. The dial indicator is more precise than the micrometer type. It is also more expensive. 

Whatever the torque wrench size you pick, read the instructions thoroughly. This is the only way to ensure you use the tool properly.

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