Baby Blanket Sizes

Not all baby blanket sizes would be appropriate for every newborn baby. Since there are so many products to choose from in the market, finding one may seem like a horrendous task to get involved in. Not really – as long as you know how to shop wisely.

But how should you shop for baby blanket sizes that would fit your baby when you’re just a first-time parent?

Here are helpful tips:

One: Learn the Typical Measurements.

Size matters. And if you do some searching, you may notice that a typical measurement for a child’s blanket may range to around thirty six (36) and fifty two (52) inches.

While that measurement is all right with most parents, you may find it too big for your tastes.

As such, many parents find that this would be a perfect cover for the crib’s mattress. But it doesn’t actually mean that that these measurements would actually make a good cover for the baby. In fact, in most cases, it’s quite the opposite. With those measurements, it’s just too big to wrap it around your child’s body.

There are some parents who find that a measurement of around forty by forty inches proves to be a good buy. But this particular choice is also not shared by all parents.

Other blankets in the market may give you a measurement of around thirty square inches. Most of these items are rather cheap, but if you’re really looking for something to wrap your baby in, this may prove to be rather small for your newborn’s size as most parents have found out.

So what’s a better measurement that is available for you in the market? A more common choice would be blankets with measurements of around thirty four (34) to thirty six (36) inches for both sides.

As you can see, choices vary on what’s really perfect for a newborn baby. That is why the next thing to think about – its material – should also be considered while you shop for that product.

Two: Check its Material.

You should be aware that your infant’s skin is really sensitive. So, don’t buy any product that will harm that delicate skin.

With the proper measurements, getting the right material is also necessary. A good choice would be something made of hypoallergenic material. Basically, those made of cotton or fleece is perfect.

Three: Choose Between a Lightweight or Heavyweight Material.

Another important factor to take note of is how heavy or light the material of the product is. Both choices would actually be all right. But then, most parents may advise you that it would be best to consider the current weather conditions and the temperature of your home before you make your decision.

In most cases, your infant would have a better swaddling experience if you choose a soft and lightweight breathable material.

While there are some similar choices on what type of material to go for, in general, parents usually have a different notion on what baby blanket sizes to choose for their infant. With these different preferences, a lot of products in various sizes are being sold in numerous markets. In the end, your choice should – basically – concern your own standards on what you think would be best for your own child even if it may involve some trial and error before arriving at the most suitable product.

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