Bench Vise Dimensions


Because there are several brands and styles, numerous bench vise dimensions exist. If you search the Web, you will see that some measure 8 x 4 x 5 (L x W x H) inches. But there are also vises that measure 10 x 6 x 4 and 7.5 x 5.2 x 4.3 inches. 

Bench Vise Information 

This tool is a vise grip designed for hooking up on a workbench. Like other vises, it is made primarily made for gripping objects. These utilities are very useful so they are found in most hardware stores and home improvement shops. Like hand vises, these are available in different styles. 

More Facts about Vises 

While there are many bench vise dimensions, their purpose and function is still the same. In fact all vises are created for the same purpose: to hold or to crank something. The vise works like your hands. The difference is that the pressure is stronger. It will never get tired so the force being applied is constant. 


Almost all vises will have adjustable jaws. These can be set closer together or moved further apart as needed. The adjustments are done using a crank. In some models, locks are used instead. These are used to keep the tool shut. These devices have safety measures built in so they do not accidentally open. 

Use and Applications 

Because the tool is used for gripping, woodworkers and construction workers have discovered various uses for it. For example, it can be used to hold an object in place while a component is being glued to it. The tool is also used for various crafts. 

The nice thing about the vise is they can function like an extra pair of hands. They are also more reliable than human hands which can make mistakes. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about people getting hurt. 

Features of Bench Vise Grips 

Adjustable clamps are used to hook the vise grips onto the workbench. These clamps can also be used for changing the angle and moving the grip. There are also models that come with pads. This is to prevent workbench scarring. The jaws can be made from different materials, but the most commonly used is metal. 

When you assess the bench vise dimensions, always look at the jaw size. The jaw specs will determine what kinds of objects can be used with it. If you do a lot of work, look for the heavy duty bench vises. 

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