Laminators Dimensions

A laminator is a device used for laminating documents. Today it is regarded as a very effective way to protect important papers.

Laminator Dimensions

These machines come in various types so the sizes are not standardized. The Banner American Easy Lam II laminator measures 20" L X 34.5" W X 16" H and weighs 91 lbs. The laminate width is 27" maximum and the speed is 5 feet/minute.

The unit may be fitted with a footage counter. This is used for gauging the film usage. Other features that can be added are a keywatch, footswitch and a switch to slow down the motor.

This is just one model. The Varitronics ProFinish can laminate documents up to 24 inches wide. The Easy Lam pouch laminator can handle 12 inch wide documents. Before you buy one, the laminator dimensions, especially the width, have to be looked into.

What Laminator Type is Right?

If you are only going to laminate cards and small documents, the pouch laminator will be sufficient. It is less expensive and practical. If you are gong to laminate large documents, the larger machines will be needed. Again, check the size so the document will fit right.

There are also laminators made for thick sheets, booklets and presentations. These have thermal binding elements that you will find useful. These laminators also have different features, so look for the one that has the specifications you need.

Other Considerations

The machine should also be user friendly. The most advanced laminator is useless if you cannot understand the controls. An important feature is the reverse function. This permits you to take out documents that get jammed. The warranty is another thing to examine. The 90 day warranty should be the minimum. Some warranties may last even longer than that.

Tips and Warnings

Read the instructions before using it so the machine and document do not get damaged. Purchasing covers and pouch refills is recommended. Many stores will offer discounts if you buy the refill with the machine.

Do not attempt to use the machine for materials other than what it is designed for. It could void the warranty and cause irreparable damage.

Check out the prices and the laminator dimensions online. As a rule, pouch laminators are less expensive, but it is better to check the Net. Don’t forget to check retail stores too. They may be cheaper than the stuff on the Web.

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