Biggest Computer Monitor

The biggest computer monitor right now is the 30 inch WQXGA monitor. This device is capable of displaying 2560 x 1600 resolution. Larger monitors exist like the Eyevis displays, which can show 3840 x 2160 resolution. But it is only used in industrial applications.
Facts about


It is an electronic device used to display pictures, video and information on the computer. It is the apparatus used for displaying the programs on your computer or a network. It looks a lot like a TV. But the main difference is that the monitor doesn’t have channels. However, newer models can be used for watching TV. This can be done if it is linked to a device with a TV tuner.

Even if you don’t have the biggest computer monitor, new models can be utilized as a TV. The reverse is also true; some TV sets can now be employed with computers. Monitors have superior resolution compared to a TV. This is necessary so a user can see the graphics and text.

CRT and LCD Monitors

The CRT monitor was the old standard. It is heavy and large. Resembling older generation TVs, it has been replaced by the LCD monitor. LCDs have superior displays and are lighter.


Luminance is determined by the candelas per sq m. The viewable image size is determined diagonally. The standard size for CRTs, this would be 25 mm (1 inch) smaller compared to the tube.

The aspect ratio refers to the ratio of the horizontal to the vertical length. The average is 4:3. For instance, displays with a 1024 pixel width will have a height of 768 pixels. Also becoming popular is the 16:9 aspect ratio. In this case, a 1024 pixel wide screen will have a height of 576 pixels.

Other Info

Display resolution pertains to the number of pixels that can be shown. The resolution is constrained by the dot pitch. The dot pitch is the space between subpixels of similar color. The measurement is in millimeters. The smaller the dot pitch, the clearer the picture will appear.

The refresh rate denotes the number of times per second the display is illuminated. The fresh rate is restricted by the response time. The response time is the duration a pixel goes from active, inactive to active again.

Due to the nature of technology, computer displays keep getting larger. It won’t be long before the biggest computer monitor exceeds the specs stated earlier.

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