How Big is a Water Pump?

Water pump sizes are not the same because there are several types being used. The Wayne RUP160 measures 7 x 5 x 11 inches while others like the Superior Pump 91250 models are 7 x 7 x 12 inches. There are many other pumps with different specs.


There are many types, each with their own specific purposes. But all are designed for pumping water. Some are made for homes and others for businesses.

The Well Pump

These are utilities designed to push the water from beneath the ground through pipes. These will make their way into a commercial establishment or residential home. Horsepower is used to measure the strength of these pumps.

The water pump size to use depends on the number of bathrooms in the area. The dimensions of the place also play a role. If there are numerous water outlets in the home, a powerful pump is required. Additional horsepower is needed if the pump has to supply water to multiple homes.

These pumps have a motor that rotates a blade. This action produces suction and pulls water into the pipelines. From the pipes, the water is pushed out into a house or building. The water is spread out in various areas of the property via a pressure tank.

Pressure Tanks

These can also be classified as pumps. They keep the water pressure steady as it goes into a building. The water pressure may be changed. During spring, the melting snow increases the pressure. The tank ensures the flow is constant through the year.

Sump Pumps

These are used to remove water that accumulates in the basement. Basement seepage can occur due to excessive melting snow, flooding and rain. These pumps are fitted with a blade which a motor spins.

The apparatus is installed in the wettest section of the basement. A sump bucket is first installed on the flooring. The bucket is below floor level and the water goes into it.

The water level triggers the float which turns the motor on. When the motor rotates the blade, water is pushed from the hose out of the house. Two types are available: the submersible and the floor model pump. Each has unique features but both work in basically the same way.

The water pump sizes always have to be considered before any purchase is made. A compact unit is easier to work with. But far more important is the horsepower it possesses.

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