How Big is a Meter In Inches

Meter can be converted into several different units of measurements. For instance, one meter is about 3.280 feet while a meter is roughly about one hundred centimeters.

Also, in case you were wondering how big is a meter in inches, it is approximately 39.370 inches. Inches too, can be converted in several different units of measurement. For example, one inch is about 2.54 in centimeters while one inch is approximately 0.0833 in feet.

Inches Fun Trivia

1. Ever wonder why your nose can’t be twelve inches long? Well, because then, it would be a foot!

2. Ten inches of snow is equivalent to about an inch of rain once the snow melts.

3. Back in January 1922, Washington, DC experienced the “Knickerbocker Storm” which brought in twenty-one inches of snow in a period of twenty-four hours. For the whole duration of the storm, Washington, DC had a total of twenty-eight inches of snow in all.

4. About one inch of ice may cause power lines to come down.

5. In basketball, the height of the ring from the ground up is approximately one hundred and twenty inches.

6. The distance of the inside of the ring, again in basketball, should be at least six inches from the board.

7. The Empire State Building is roughly about 17,444 inches tall.

8. In baseball, the pitching rubber should be at least eighteen inches from the back of the pitcher’s mound.

9. UPS recommends that you use at least two inches of bubble wrap for every item that you need to pack and ship.

10. The greatest rainfall for a day recorded in history was back in 1952 measuring 73.62 inches.

11. Back in the early 1800s, Assam in India had what was considered as the greatest rainfall ever experienced in one year: more than one thousand inches – 1,041 to be exact.

12. Unionville, MD experienced what was recorded as one-minute rainfall at 1.23 inches. This was back in 1956 in the early days of July.

13. Silverlake in Colorado had what was recorded as the greatest snowfall experienced in a single day: 75.8 inches! This was some time in April, 1921.

14. The biggest hailstone recorded in history fell on Coffeyville in Kansas back in 1979. It measured seventeen and one-half inches or about 0.4445 in meters. It weighed 1.67 lbs.

15. The greatest snowfall New York ever experienced happened some time in March, 1888. It was in Saratoga Springs and was about fifty-eight inches or about 1.4732 meters.

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