Venturi-Mixer Dimensions

The venturi-mixer dimensions differ because they are used in different ways. Some are 295 mm (11.614”) long. Others are 152 mm (5.984”). The outer water inlet outlet is 3/4”. In some mixers, the outer outlet and air inlet is 1/4”. Water flow can vary from 1000-3000 L/h. The out pressure is 0.0-1.0 kg/cm2 for many units.
Features Buyers Should Look For 
The first would be the dimensions. You need to make sure the size is fit for the mixing you will do. The other specifications will have to be looked into as well. One of the most important would be the water flow. 
The ranges vary per product, so have a look around. Some products will have 0.55 kw water pump power. Others will be different, so you have to consider them too. The input and out pressure have to be addressed as well. 
Where to Buy
The venturi-mixer dimensions and the other info can be obtained from the Web. You can compare the price of the different items so you can find the best deal. Many stores offer discounts. Take advantage of this opportunity to get one at a reasonable price. 
General Information about Venturi Tubing
This is a tube or pipe that uses a temporary narrowing or restriction on its length. This increases the velocity of the gas or fluid going in it. At the same time it limits the pressure. The simultaneous increase in velocity and reduction of pressure is called the venturi effect. 
Types and Uses of the Mixer
The effect can be used in several ways. For example, it can be used for atomizing secondary fluid or measuring airflow. Several profiles exist. The gradual profile change is considered to be more efficient. 
Physics laws state that the gas flow will speed up when the restriction is present. When this happens, the fluid pressure has to decrease to preserve energy. The venturi is the tube constriction. The changes in the pressure are utilized to do tasks such as measure fuel or air. Differential meteorology can also be determined this way. 
Moreover, the pressure drop can be utilized to pump another fluid. If another fluid is put in the tube, the vacuum will take in the first liquid. The two liquids will be combined. 
The venturi-mixer dimensions are crucial for the tasks mentioned above. If you want to attain the right results, it is important to get the right product. 

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