Vise Dimensions

There are many hand vise dimensions because manufacturers are always coming up with different designs. There are vises that are 1/2-2 1/8″ (13-54 mm) thick. Other models are 3-3/4″ (95 mm) long. And still others are available in different measurements.

Hand Vise Facts

This is a tool made for gripping various kinds of objects. As the name suggests, the tool can be gripped by the hand. However, there are also models that are secured on a bench vise.

The tool has a simple function, but there are actually a lot of uses for it. The hand vise can be used for woodworking tasks and jewelling. It may also be used for arts and crafts.

Where to Buy

Various hand vise dimensions can be purchased in home improvement shops. They are also available in hardware stores and specialty shops. Some crafts stores also sell specially designed hand vises for specific applications.


Hand vises are available in different styles. But most of them will have a handle hooked to a set of jaws. These are utilized for gripping on the object. The jaws may be squeezed by using wing screws.

Most of them are equipped with a spring catch. This enables the unit to remain open at the required width. Most of the jaws have textures to improve traction. This is also necessary to keep the object being gripped from slipping. The jaws may be combined with the handle. In other cases it is separate. It will depend on the manufacturer’s design.

Other Uses and Applications

The hand vise and bench vise can be used for other tasks. Many people prefer to use the tool to grip delicate items while working on it. The secure grip ensures the item will not fall off.

Hand vises can also be used for gripping objects that are being glued or painted. They can also be used to hold objects that require tightening. They can also be used for gripping an object while you undo something.


Bronze and steel are the most common materials used for making hand vises. Other materials may be utilized provided it is resistant to corrosion. Corrosion proof materials are needed because the tool may be exposed to myriad types of substances.

While the hand vise dimensions are crucial, you must also scrutinize the other factors described. By being aware of the pertinent facts, you will be able to make more intelligent decisions when it comes to the purchase.

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