Sizes of Emergency Tires

Emergency tire sizes differ, but all of them are smaller than the regular tires. This is deliberate on the manufacturer’s part so it can conserve space.

Safety Reminders

As the name suggests, these are used when there is an emergency tire situation. Before you install the tire, the car has to be parked. Driving on a flat tire can be dangerous. If you are going to replace the tire, make sure it is not close to traffic.

Installing the Tire

Before any installation is done, emergency markers must be set up. The next step is to take out the lug wrench from the car. For vehicles with nut locks, the lock fitting has to be removed first.

In some cases, usage of the lug wrench and emergency brakes will be required. When this is done, the jack should be used to raise up the vehicle. Once the flat tire is off the ground, take off the lug nuts.

Remove the flat off the wheel hub. You will see that the emergency tire sizes are not as large as the tire you removed. That is normal.


Put the tire at the wheel hub. Just fit the tire around it. It is necessary to tightly secure the nuts. This ensures the mount is mounted uniformly on the wheel hub. Once this is done, you can remove the jack and lower the car. Once all the nuts are secured, you are done. Place all the equipment back in your car.


Tires created for emergencies usually cannot be run faster than 50 miles per hour. Once you have put it on, drive to the nearest auto repair shop. Does not drive too fast to the repair shop; it may damage the tire.

Moving at over 50 mph can lead to a tire blowout. It can also wear out the threads quickly. If you cannot get to a repair shop, contact a wrecker.


Once you use the tire, buy a replacement so you have one in stock. If the unit allows you to go faster than 50 mph, feel free to try it. But do not go over the speed specified. Keep a close eye on the tools and components you remove so they don’t get lost on the road.

There are many emergency tire sizes so you can have your pick. With online shopping, it has become easier to purchase these items. Be sure to check out the seller’s background if buying on the web.

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