Workbench Dimensions


A workbench is a table used in carpentry, gardening and any other manual work where a flat and hard-wearing surface is required. There are various workbench dimensions and these largely depend on how and where you will be using the table.

Typically, workbenches are custom-made and you can either hire a professional carpenter to make this for you or you can make one yourself. You can choose to make a 6 x 6 foot workbench or a 3 x 7 foot workbench which are ideal for outdoor use.

Smaller workbenches for indoor use are typically those that are being used by jewelers or a slightly bigger one for assembling electronic equipment such as your home entertainment system.

Types of Workbenches

There are several types of workbenches that are suitable for specific types of manual work that you will be doing on the tables. 

Woodworking tables are used for basic woodworks but may also be customized to suit specific woodwork projects such as cabinet-making, carving, carpentry and such.

Portable workbenches meanwhile are designed for most types of projects, from electronics assembly to carpentry, jewelry-making or watch repairs. These are available for purchase in selected shops and they are collapsible tables so you can take them along wherever there is a project that needs to be done.

Metalworking tables are specifically used to handle jobs related to working with metals such as grinding and welding. These are usually equipped with a vise used to clamp a piece of metal that you need to work on.

Gardening workbenches are made from materials that can withstand moisture and repel dirt. This type of workbench usually has shelves or storage compartments for pots and other gardening materials.

Lab workbenches are typically those that are used for chemical projects and they are equipped with apparatuses that can hold water or fuel.

There are many other types of workbenches that you can consider for your specific projects. You can have these built for you especially those that need special materials or additional features.

For basic workbenches that you want to make yourself, you can find a few plans on the internet. These come with instructions that will walk you through all the steps in assembling your workbench.

These also provide you with a list of all the materials that you will be needing for your workbench, each with their own specifications such as sizes of wood slats and screws to enable you to build a sturdy table. 

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