Broom Dimensions

Brooms have been a staple cleaning implement for centuries now and despite having electronic cleaning tools already available, brooms will never go out of fashion, so to speak.

There are different types of brooms, each one having its specific use. Each type likewise has different dimensions, from the length of the handle to the width of the broom head.

The brooms can likewise be made from different materials, usually soft or hard bristles for the broom head and wood or plastic for the handles.

Broom Dimensions

As mentioned, there are several types of brooms and each type likewise has several different dimensions. A typical broom head made of plastic and stiff bristles for indoor use measures anywhere from 350 millimeters up to 600 millimeters.

On the other hand, indoor brooms made with wooden handles and plant fibers measure between 22 inches by 16 inches and 23 inches by 14 inches. For yard brooms, measurements are approximately 25 inches for the broom head and 32 inches for the handle.

Outdoor brooms such as grass brooms typically have approximate dimensions of 1.46 meters in height by 310 millimeters in width by 65 millimeters in diameter. For cobwebs, there are also special brooms to clean these out.

Cobweb brooms measure around 1.32 meters in height by 400 millimeters in width and 145 millimeters in diameter. Usually, handles of cobweb brooms can be extended so you can easily reach high places without straining yourself.

There are several other types of brooms available that you can use for specific areas in your home, including the patio and your front or back yards.

Broom Closets and Racks

Inn order to keep your brooms in good condition, it is important that you have a designated area where you can keep them. Storing your brooms in a dry place is important since water can easily damage the materials of the brooms which could lead to breakage in the long run.

A broom closet if of course the ideal hiding place for your cleaning implements including your brooms. However, if no broom closet is available, there are broom racks that you can buy where you can easily hang the broom to prevent it from being misshapen or damaged.

These racks may be stand-alone types of they can also be wall-mounted. You can simply put them in the garage, in your laundry room or behind your kitchen door. Depending on your preference, you can find these broom organizers in home supplies or in selected online shops.

Prices for brooms start at $2.95 up to $10.00 depending on the size and materials used to manufacture them.

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