Double Bed Dimensions

One of the common bed sizes you’ll hear about is the double bed. The double bed is otherwise known as the full bed in some regions of the world. doublebedIt seems that this size of bed is also like a standard in many countries where English is the main language. However, double bed dimensions tend to vary among many European nations. We’ll go over a comparison of various sizes of the double bed among different countries.

North American Double Bed Dimensions

A standard double bed in the US measures 54" by 75" or 4’6" by 6’3" considering its width and length. If you convert that into metric measurements the double bed dimensions would be 137 by 191 cm. However, you’ll also find a novelty size for the double that is known as the extra long, which has the same width only several inches longer than the standard size. It measures 54" by 80", which means you get an extra five inches in length.

UK Double Bed Dimensions

Standard double beds in the UK tend to follow the trend in the US keeping the same measurements at 54" x 75". However, there is a unique double size you’ll find in this country known as the small double, which measures 48" by 78". This size is narrower than the standard but is slightly longer.

Rest of Europe

The other European countries seem to have their double beds at 55" by 79" though you should expect some variations as well. That basically is 4′ 7.2" by 6′ 6.74". Translating that to metric measurements, that bed size will be 140 x 200 cm.

New Zealand Sizes

You may find the standard 54" x 75" double bed but the more common size you’ll find in New Zealand is known as the long double. This bed size measures 53" by 80" or 1.35 x 2.03 meters.


Since the double bed dimensions seem to be a standard almost everywhere you go you can get several advantages out of it. If you are traveling alone or would only need a bed that will be occupied by one individual then this would be a good choice. For many folks, it has ample space for a single occupant. It is also cost effective since you can easily find sheets and/or mattresses that will fit this bed size. It can also be easily moved around in the house since it doesn’t really occupy a huge amount of space in your room.


Unfortunately the disadvantages of a double bed dimensions are also related to its size. Taller individuals will find this bed quite short. Another disadvantage comes when you want two individuals to occupy the double sized bed, which means a couple will find it a bit too narrow to sleep in.

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