How Big is Bing?

An efficient web search engine developed by Microsoft Corporation in 2009, Bing replaced the popular search engine Windows Live Search. To maximize the utility of the search engine, Yahoo! signed a 10-year deal with Microsoft regarding the use of Bing as the primary search engine of Yahoo!. Several months after the companies signed the agreement, ComScore observed an increase in the market share of Bing.

An easy way of determining the size of Bing is by identifying the number of services that it offers. In addition, it is also important to look at the products provided by the search engine. Moreover, it is easy to know how big Bing is by determining the features that the site offers.

The Size of the Search Engine

How big is Bing? The search engine offers four services, namely the Bing Local Listing Center, Soapbox on MSN Video, Bing Mobile and BingTweets. The first service is important to include business listings on the search engine. The second service allows computer users to view and upload videos using the engine. The third service is helpful in performing search queries using mobile phones. The fourth service allows people to view updates on Twitter.

Bing offers 13 services, which include health information, images, local, maps and news. Other helpful services include reference options, shopping information, translator, travel information, Twitter and video uploads. These products are important to provide helpful search offerings to computer users.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Bing has different interesting and useful features such as the interface features, media features, local information, languages and integration with Hotmail. The search engine features a package tracking option, a video thumbnail preview and restaurant reviews. Additionally, search queries can be translated into various languages such as Czech, Danish, Estonian, English, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Croatian, Italian, Indonesian and Albanian.

Hotmail users can find the search engine very helpful. It allows them to send the results of queries to their hotmail addresses. Movie times, restaurant reviews, videos, maps and images can also be sent to hotmail addresses. Aside from these features, Bing offers an instant answers option. The search engine offers updates on sports events. In addition, it has spell check, dictionary and math calculation options.

For the convenience of computer users, Microsoft added toolbars, plug-ins and gadgets in the search engine. To access the features of Bing easily, people can use accelerators like Bing Maps and Bing Shopping. In addition, web slices are provided to assess data gathered by the search engine.

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