Stem Glass Dimensions

People call stem glasses by many different names. Stem GlassSome call them as wineglasses others refer to them as champagne flutes and still some refer to them as cocktail glasses. However people might want to call them, stem glasses are types of drinkware that are characterized by a stem that is set on a base. All stem glasses are classified under what is called stemware. A common feature of this drinkware is the slender stem that separates the drinking bowl from the base. Let’s go over the stem glass dimensions in order to recognize stemware when we see one.

Types of Stem Glasses

It is a fact that stemware can be made out of glass, metal, or ceramic. However, no matter what type of material is used, stemware will still follow the same sizes as the fundamental stem glass dimensions. The different types of stem glasses include brandy snifters, cordial glasses, chalices and goblets, cocktail glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, and wine glasses. Each type of stem glass will of course have its own unique dimensions.

Stem Glass Dimensions

There are different stem glass dimensions for each type of stemware. A martini glass, which is also known as a cocktail glass, can contain around 250 ml of liquid in its cone-shaped bowl. Usual dimensions of cocktail or martini glasses are 6 3/4" in height with a four-inch wide opening with its base having a diameter of 2 3/4". Of course, different manufacturers have also introduced other variants of martini glasses. An example of such a variation of cocktail or martini glasses is the double martini, which obviously is wider and taller than regular cocktail glasses.

Wine glasses, as you might have guessed, is used either to taste or drink wine. Like other stemware this will have its own stem glass dimensions. They generally will be about 6 1/2" in height, 3 1/4" width, and its base will have a width of 2 1/2". The shape of this glass concentrates the aroma and flavor of the wine. Take note that the opening of a wineglass isn’t any wider than that of the diameter of its base.

A champagne glass is usually used for sparkling wines, beer, and champagne. There are two variants of this type of stemware. The first is called the champagne flute and the other is known as the champagne coupe. A typical champagne flute will be about eight inches tall and two and a half inches in width. It will contain six ounces of fluid. On the other hand, a champagne coupe is saucer like in shape and is about 7.5cm tall with an overall width of 8.5cm. Take note however that manufacturers can come up with varying stem glass dimensions for any type of stemware.

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