Fishing Pole Dimensions

Also referred to as a fishing rod, people use a fishing pole in order to catch Fishing Polevarious types of fishes. It is made out of durable but flexible materials such as bamboo, carbon fiber or fiberglass. It comes in various types including telescopic rods, trolling rods as well as surf rods. In addition, you can also find sea rods, ice rods and ultra light rods among others. Besides these things, it is also good to know the different fishing pole dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Fishing Pole

The length of fishing poles varies, depending on what type they are basically built. However, most of these usually fall within the 24 inches to 20 feet range. According to fishing experts, longer rods have greater advantage mechanically.

Carbon Fiber Rods

Used commonly for coarse fishing, this high technology rod usually comes in sizes ranging from 3 feet to 18.5 feet. Because it is made from high quality carbon fiber, its price is quite expensive. It can efficiently catch fishes of up to 200 pounds or 90 kilograms.

Tenkara Rods

This particular type of rod normally measures around 11 to 13 feet. It is commonly used in Japan, specifically designed for tenkara fishing. It combines different elements from telescopic rods, fly rods and carbon rods. Furthermore, it is known for its ultra soft action.

Spinning Rods

Made from fiberglass or graphite, this kind of rod comes with a PVC foam or cork handle. Its length usually ranges from 5 to 8.5 feet. It is widely used in North America, particularly for catching sport fishes such as the walleye, pike, trout and bass. In Europe, it is commonly used for capturing zander, eel, perch and pike.

Ultra Light Rods

For those who want lighter rods with better controllability, it is good to use this type of rod. It is generally shorter, with sizes usually ranging from 4 feet to 5.5 feet. Compared to normal rods, it is more limber with varying tip actions. It can carry a test fishing line of about 1 to 6 pounds. It makes use of light casting lures including trout worms, crappie jigs as well as wet flies. It is generally used to catch bluegill, bass, trout and crappie.

Other Types of Rods

Used to fish through the holes of frozen ponds and lakes, ice rods usually measure about 24 to 36 inches long. Meanwhile, the sizes of surf rods commonly range from 10 feet to 14 feet. Trolling rods have lengths ranging from 4.5 feet to 5 feet. On the other hand, telescopic rods are much longer, averaging lengths of about 20 to 30 feet.

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