How Large are Dog Housebreaking Pads?

The dog housebreaking pad sizes are assorted because they have unique designs. There are pads with dimensions of 22 by 23 inches, 19 by 18 inches and 21 by 20 inches. Of course you should use a pad that fits your dog’s size.

Features to Look For

First is the dimensions. Dogs come in a variety of sizes and so do the pads. Some are small, medium, large and extra large. Pick the one that is appropriate for your pet.

Second, look for those with plastic lining or a similar feature. This will keep your floor from being damaged. The pad must be well designed; that is, the dog cannot just carry the pad and drag it around.

Where to Place the Pad

You should put the pad in a place where you want the dog to defecate and urinate. Once you pick a spot, do not change it so the dog will remember. Select an area in the house where it will not get in the way.

Avoid slick floors; they are very difficult to clean. A dry floor is easier to clean if there is some spill-over. If your dog has begun using a specific place in the house, put the pad there. It is going to be easier to teach them.

Attraction Sprays

No matter what the dog housebreaking pad sizes are, you need to use an attractant spray to entice the animal. Your pad may have one. If not, you can buy it in pet stores. Spray this on the pad. Once the puppy smells it, they will be encouraged to defecate and urinate there.

Tips for Training a Puppy

Put the animal on the pad. Let them smell the attractant. Let the puppy sit there. You can use words like “pee” or “go” while they sit. You should also monitor the animal’s eating schedule. This helps you determine when the puppy has to go.

Usually the puppy is ready to go after half an hour. Sit the animal on the pad after half an hour. If they do no not defecate or urinate, remove them from the pad. Wait ten minutes and then put the animal back on.

You need to be certain that the dog housebreaking pad sizes are correct. It has to be large enough for the puppy to be comfortable. You also have to be patient as it will take time for the animal to get used to it.

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