Most Expensive Yacht

Yachts have been considered as private, luxury boats since the time when Charles II of England decided to use one of these to transport him back to Britain from his trip to Holland.

Since then, it has been considered as a vessel that would transport important persons to wherever they were going. Today, yacht and luxury are pretty much synonymous.

Most Expensive Yacht

Yachts are in themselves expensive commodities already but quite a good number of yacht owners went for the whole nine yards to turn their luxury boats into an even more jaw-dropping luxury toys for the big boys – or girls, for that matter.

Eclipse – Cost: USD1.2 billion

Eclipse takes the cake in the list of most expensive yachts in the world. Costing over one billion dollars, this baby is owned by Russian business tycoon Romah Abramovich who incidentally, was named by Forbes magazine as the fiftieth wealthiest man in the world.

This is a 164-meter yacht which is roughly around five hundred and twenty-eight feet. It comes with two helicopter pads, eleven cabins for VIP guests, two swimming pools, hot tubs and a dance hall.

Manned by seventy personnel, Eclipse is equipped with a mini submarine and two launch boats. Part of its security system is a missile defense mechanism.

Dubai – Cost: USD350 million

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the proud owner of this multi-million dollar yacht. It has a helicopter pad, a hangar for a small plane, swimming pool, court for playing squash and many other entertainment facilities.

It can hold one hundred and fifteen VIP guests at a time and is manned by a crew of eighty-eight personnel. Dubai is about one hundred and sixty meters long or roughly around five hundred twenty-four feet and ten inches.

Lady Moura – Cost: USD210 million

Constructed in 1990 for Prince Nasser Al-Rashid, it comes with its own swimming pool which has a retractable roof. It is approximately three hundred and forty-four feet long.

The most interesting and attractive feature of this yacht is the mock-up of a beachfront complete with sand, lounge chairs and palm trees!

Manned by a crew of sixty personnel, it also has seventy-five dining tables and a helicopter pad.

These are only the top three most expensive yachts in the world. There is also the Rising Sun which costs two hundred million dollars, owned by Larry Elisson and David Geffen.

Finally, there is the Octopus which likewise costs two hundred million dollars. This is owned by Paul Allen and it comes with two helipads; plus state-of-the-art entertainment facilities.

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