Size of a Lowboy Trailer

Lowboy trailers are available in many styles and designs. These examples should give you an idea of what the lowboy trailer sizes and specs are for some models.

The 50-Ton Tri-Axle (Paver Special)

The bed length is 31' including a 6' dove tail. The trailer is 48' long. The neck is 15' with the 6' slant. It is 8 1/2’ wide and 35 3/4" high (unloaded). The main frame is 24" wide. The cross members are 8" I-beam and the side rails are 12" channel 20. The undercarriage has 3 25,000# oil bath axles. It also has spring/max brakes on the rear axle.

Other undercarriage features include 235/75R17.5 16-ply radial tires (12), 9700 hutch suspension, 8-hole unimount wheels (12) and 12 1/4" x 7 1/2" brakes. This lowboy trailer also has twin 2-speed jacks, mud flaps, DOT sealed beam lights, 3' wide ramps, 2" hardwood decking, stake pockets and D-rings in the sides. The trailer also has a protected wiring system.

Lowboy Trailer Sizes: 40 Ton Slant Neck Tri-Axle

The bed length is 30' with a 4' dove tail. The trailer is 45' and the neck is 15’. It also has 6’ hydraulic ramps and the height is 35 3/4". The width is 8 1/2'. The main frame is a 4" wide flange I-beam. The side rails are 12" channel 20.7 every feet.

The undercarriage has 12 1/4" x 7 1/2" brakes, three 20,000# oil bath axles and 9700 hutch suspension. There are also 8-hole unimount wheels on this lowboy trailer model.

Other Information about Lowboy Trailers

Also called low bed trailers, they are used mainly for loading and moving heavy equipment. The capacity varies per trailer, with some having a capacity of 10 tons and others over 100 tons. Its capacity makes it ideal for hauling excavators, tractors and various farm equipments. These machines are also ideal for use in different field conditions.

When choosing a lowboy trailer, the material to be loaded must be assessed first. Aside from the specifications, the trailers are also available in different styles and colors.

Whichever trailer you choose, make certain you take all the precautions necessary when loading and unloading equipment. There may also be special permits needed for using these machines.

The different lowboy trailer sizes means it is crucial for companies to find the right trailer for the job. Just make sure you assess the price and the quality of the machine. Don’t forget to evaluate the ground clearance as well.

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