How Big is a Fork Lift?

Fork lift dimensions are among the most diverse of all heavy equipment. The information given below will give you insights on the specifications of some of these machines.

Caterpillar P5000

The length to fork face is 8.4 ft in while the width overall is 3.8 ft in. The max fork height is 11 ft in. The height to top of overhead guard is 6.9 ft in. The ground clearance is 4.6 in. The wheelbase is 5.2 ft in.

The mast tip forward is 6 degrees and the rear tip is 10 degrees. The K25 engine has a 63 hp and 139 lb ft torque. The rpm is 2700 and has a 152 cu in displacement. The fuel used is gas. The operating weight is 7900 lb. The maximum speed is 11.5 mph. The load capacity is 5511.6 lb and the load center is 19.7 in.

Case 586G Series III

The fork lift dimensions give this machine a 6.9 ft in width. The overall height when the mast lowered is 10.6 ft in. The wheelbase measurement is 7.1 ft in.

The ground clearance is 12 in and the max fork height is 15 ft in. The mast tip forward is 45 degrees and the tip rear is 15 degrees. The power is 80.5 hp and the torque is 199.1 lb ft. The displacement is.6 cu in. The operating weight is 13587 lb and the tire type is 12×16.5.

Cat 2ET and 2ETC Series Class I

These Class 1 units have capacities ranging from 2,500 and 4,000 lbs. These are powered by 40 volt engines. The maximum speed is 10 mph. These units are able to lift from 69.9 and 78.6 inches. They can handle weights ranging from 5,974 and 7,343 lbs. The lift speed is from 108 to 118 ft per 60 seconds.

Cat Class V

These units weigh 5,650 to 10,590 lbs. They are able to carry weights up to 115 inches high. The lift speed maxes out at 128 feet. 12 miles per hour is the top speed. The maximum load capacity maxes out at 7000 lbs.

The fork lift dimensions described here are for these specific models only. Other heavy equipment have different specifications. If you are going to buy one, consult the seller first. You need to be certain that it can handle your requirements. Do not use the lift to carry weights it is not designed for. It might damage the unit.

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