Seat Belt Pad Dimensions

There are many seat belt pad sizes to meet different needs. Some of the products measure 23 x 6 cm while others are 5.64 X 13”. Many other sizes also available online.

Facts about Seat Belt Pads

These pads were developed to make those wearing seat belts feel more at ease. These products are made from different materials, but may use some sort of cushion. Improving technology and innovative design means the pads are now sold in myriad colors and styles. These are set around the neck area.

Although seat belts are essential, some people get irritation and redness when wearing it. Manufacturers quickly realized this so the pads were developed. The designs vary, as do the seat belt pad sizes. But the cushions are all made to do the same thing: to keep the belt from rubbing or scratching the skin.

By implementing this feature, people will be discouraged from riding and driving without seat belts. Through the years, the function of these seat belts has grown. Today they can be used for luggage, book bags, laptops cases, purses and even golf bags.

Safety Precautions

Always check the seat belt pad first before using it. Make certain that it is not damaged in any way. If the pad is broken in any way, it could make driving very uncomfortable.

As you check the pad, don’t forget to examine the seat belt as a whole. Never use your car if the seat belt is not working. Make sure also the seat belt is secure before using it. Some pads will use snaps or Velcro.

Placement of Pads

As you put the pad on the belt, make certain that the design is facing out. Before driving, test the seat pad first. Be sure that the pad does not move down or up. Also make certain the pad is even to the neck area.

Buying Tips

Look for pads that can be used not just for seat belts, but also for briefcase straps, laptop cases etc. These products are money savers. If you have sensitive skin, look for those with extra padding. The padding must also be easy to install. If you are going to buy one, the Net is the best place to look for them.

Since many seat belt pad sizes are available, you may have to try out a few to see which you are comfortable with. When you buy the product, follow the directions for installing it.

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