Baby Receiving Blanket Dimensions

When shopping for the baby prior to delivery, there are a few essential items that you need to pack in the baby bag for the hospital. Baby bottles, booties, mitts, clothes and a receiving blanket are but a few of them.

You know what a baby bottle is, booties and mitts but what is a receiving blanket? Is just the same as a baby blanket only called differently?

Receiving Blanket

A receiving blanket is only the same as a regular baby blanket in terms of the fabric since the most common types of receiving and baby blankets are made of cotton fleece or flannel as well as open weave cotton. They differ in size and use.

While a baby blanket is often used to cover the crib mattress, a receiving blanket is generally used for swaddling the baby. Apart from this, baby receiving blanket dimensions also differ from that of the regular baby blanket.

A receiving blanket is smaller than a regular baby blanket so as to make it easier for you to wrap the baby in and also to prevent the baby from being smothered with too much fabric around his body.

Baby Receiving Blanket Dimensions

A regular baby blanket measures about thirty-two inches in width by fifty-two inches in length. A baby receiving blanket since it’s smaller than the regular type, measures about thirty inches in width and thirty inches in length.

A receiving blanket can be square or rectangular in shape. For a square blanket, measurements also come in thirty-four inches square and thirty-six inches square, apart from the thirty-inch measurement previously mentioned.

For a rectangular type, measurements you will commonly find in stores are thirty-four inches in length by twenty-eight inches in width; thirty-four by thirty inches; and forty by thirty inches.

If you would like a larger receiving blanket, square ones also come in measurements of forty inches square as well as forty-seven inches square.

Receiving blankets come in various designs and colors. There are designs made especially for boys and prints made just for girls.

Versatility of a Receiving Blanket

Aside from using this type of blanket for swaddling the baby, parents also use their baby’s receiving blanket for burping the baby, surface cover for drying the baby after bath time, cover for the baby’s stroller seat and also as a surface cover for nappy changes – especially when traveling with the baby.

For nursing moms, this blanket can also be used as a cover for a bit of privacy when nursing the baby.

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