Aspirators Dimensions

Aspirator dimensions are quite diverse; some nasal aspirators are 17 cm (L) × 4.2cm (W) × 4.7cm (H) while others are 16 cm (L) × 2.2cm (W) × 3.2cm (H). Other aspirators are larger than these. However, the nasal aspirators for babies and children are usually small.

What is an Aspirator?

The aspirator is a small device that takes out fluids like mucus. The most common type used in medicine is the nasal aspirator. It is used to ease nasal passages stuffed with mucus. Building up of mucus is a common occurrence, especially among toddlers and babies. Causes range from teething, infection, cold and various allergic reactions.

Nasal congestions are discomforting for adults, but it can be dangerous for toddlers. The reason is they don’t know yet how to blow their nose and remove the mucus. It’s even riskier for infants because they always breathe through their nose.

If the mucus is not removed, it could lead to complications. That is why the nasal aspirator is very important especially for those with babies or toddlers.


Besides the different nasal aspirator dimensions, they are also available in three types: self suction, battery powered and bulb.

Bulb Aspirator

The bulb aspirator looks like a light bulb. The tip has an opening on the end. The device is constructed from rubber. To use, press the thumb into the bulb part while putting the tip in the nostril.

The thumb is then released. This helps in taking out the mucus. It is easy and cheap, but sometimes you have to repeat the process to remove the mucus.

Battery Aspirator

The battery operated aspirator has a fitted silicone end. To use, one just has to put the tip into the nostril and hit a switch. It is easier to use than the manually operated bulb aspirator. However, some of these bulbs are noisy.

Self Suction Aspirator

The self suction aspirator has three components: the tip on one end, the container in the middle and a tube. After the pieces are put together, the end with the tip is put in the nostril.

One breathes deeply into the tube. This removes the mucus. The faster and quicker the breathing, the more mucus will be taken out. For this reason, this aspirator is recommended for those with good lung capacity.

More than the aspirator dimensions, it is the type that users will have to look at. In truth, all of these can be effective in removing the mucus. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference.

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