How Big is a Potty Trainer?

Before you start your child on potty training, you should know that there is no right or wrong age for a child to begin his or her potty training.

Some toddlers will show their readiness and willingness to be potty trained as early as 2 years old while others may not begin to show any interest towards their potty until they are about 3 years old.

A very important factor that will play a huge role in your child’s potty training is of course the potty trainer. First up, how big is a potty trainer? Determining the size of the potty trainer that is suitable for your child is essential.

How Big is a Potty Trainer?

There is not one standard and specific size for a potty trainer. This is because children come in all shapes and sizes and therefore, potty trainers also come in different sizes.

So actually, there is not one specific answer to the question, “How big is a potty trainer?”

You will find that various manufacturers have their own sizing guides or charts to help parents choose the right size of potty trainer for their toddlers.

When determining the answer to your question of how big is a potty trainer, several factors are taken into consideration: seat width and depth, backrest height, height from seat to footrest, height from seat to armrest, measurements of the tray, maximum weight of a child it can support and the average height of the child for whom the seat is recommended.

Sample Dimensions of a Potty Trainer

Just to give you an idea of the answer to “How big is a potty trainer?” the following is a sizing guide used by one manufacturer:

Size 1

Seat Width and Depth – 5 to 9 inches by 7 to 10 inches

Backrest Height – 9 to 11 inches

Seat to Footrest Height – 6 to 9 inches

Seat to Armrest Height – 4 to 6 inches

Tray Measurements – 18 inches in length by 16.5 inches in width

Recommended Toddler Weight – Maximum of 121 pounds or about 55 kilograms

Recommended Toddler Height – Minimum of 26 inches and maximum of 39 inches or about 65 centimeters up to 100 centimeters

The above potty trainer dimensions as well as the corresponding recommended toddler height and weight are only one manufacturer’s sizing guide for their specifications to “How big is a potty trainer?”

Other manufacturers may have other determining factors that they use for their potty trainer sizes. The important thing to remember here is to choose a potty trainer that will provide the most comfort for your toddlers so they won’t be intimidated with their potties.

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