King Bed Dimensions

Unlike queen or twin beds, shopping for king size beds can be confusing.king bed Names like Eastern King and Western King are used and all claim to be in the king size level. Here are the facts.

The Standard and California Kings

These beds are divided into two types: the Eastern and Western King. The Eastern King is also called the Standard King. The Western King is also referred to as a California King.

The mattress for the Standard King measures 76 x 80 in, while the Western King comes up to 72 x 84 in. In other words, the Standard is wider but the California King is longer.

Both king size beds have the same measurements, flat sheet wise (108 x 102 in). The comforters also have the same specs (100 x 90). The fitted sheets for the Standard King are 76 x 80 in. For the California King it is 72 x 84 in.

Standard King Bed Information

The sleeping space for these beds is equivalent to twin beds placed side by side. Both bed types offer more space than other bed variants, so they’re suited for couples who need plenty of sleeping area. Figure wise, the Standard King is wider by 15” than the queen.

This particular king size bed has the same length as the queen. But the extra width (38”per individual) is the widest. When you see sheets and linen marked “king size”, it’s for a Standard King bed.

California King Bed Information

The California King is wider than the queen by only 12” (compared to 16” for the Standard King). However it’s 4” longer. You’re unlikely to find any beds longer than this. The sleeping space for each person is 36”.

Buying Considerations

It depends on your physique. Taller people will prefer the California King. If you need more sleeping space, the Standard King will suit you. In addition, there are other factors you need to account for.

For starters you need to look at the physical structure of your room. Can the king size bed fit in the doorway? Is there enough space to move it through the hallway? You also need to look at the bedroom itself. Will there be enough room for the nightstand? You’ll also have to make room for the dressers and other tables.

Tips and Warnings

These mattresses can be tested in the stores. Try lying down on the beds. Lie down and see if you’re comfortable. You need to wear some loose fitting outfits so you can get a feel for it. Don’t forget to measure the size of the bed. Compare this with the doorway and hallway spaces and see if it can fit.

You’ll also want to spend as much as you can afford. This is where you’ll be sleeping and resting; buy the best one possible.

The confusion stemming from the king size beds comes from lack of information. But once you gather all the facts, you won’t be troubled by the numerous choices and options.

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