Dimensions Of A Restroom

The dimensions of a restroom vary according to the number of people anticipated to use it. Hence, restroom measurements for a residence differ greatly from those of a commercial building. Even restroom measurements from house to house differ, according to the number of occupants. Here are other considerations.

Number of Floors per Residence or Building

The number of floor levels determines the dimensions of a restroom. RestroomThis is true with residences and buildings. If the house is a one-story structure, restroom measurements may be trimmed down to a minimum. A measurement of 2 by 3 meters is ideal. This can serve a whole 70 square meter floor area, or even bigger. But if there are second and third floors, these dimensions of a restroom are too small. A second restroom must be added on the second or third floor.

Number of Rooms per Floor

A 70 square-meter floor area can house about 2 to 3 rooms. In this case, a 6 square-meter (2X3 meters) common restroom will do. If two comfort rooms are preferred, they can each have measurements of 1.5 by 2.5 meters. But if the floor area goes beyond this, there should be a concomitant adjustment in the dimensions of a restroom. A department store as wide as 600 square meters in area can accommodate some 10 to 12 stalls measuring 20 by 30 meters each. If the flow of people is considered, the comfort room facility provided should at least have one each for both genders, each having 2 or 3 toilet cubicles. Restroom measurements can be finalized at 5 by 7 or 10 meters, depending on other comfort room amenities preferred.

Restroom proportion to the Entire Building

Also worthy of consideration is the proportion of space that restrooms take in relation to the entire building. The proper ratio should be 20 to 30 percent is to 80 or 70 percent. If the dimensions of a restroom take up a bigger portion, it’s already out of proportion. The building will look ridiculous on the inside, and its function most likely defeated. There is an exception to this; if the entire building is meant to be a restroom, like a big public restroom for a resort or swimming pool. In this case, it has to be 100 percent toilet. Restroom measurements should take up all available spaces.

Basic Four

Finally, when deciding the dimensions of a restroom, bear in mind that these 4 areas should be amply provided: toilet cubicles, wash areas, urinals, and space for human movements.

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