Dimension of a Crucifix

The Crucifix is a revered symbol in Christian churches, memorializing and immortalizing Jesus Christ’s great sacrifice for mankind; that of facing ridicule, physical punishments and finally being crucified on a cross for the salvation of man.

The Roman Catholic Church in particular, regards the Crucifix as a very important part and symbol of their religion, using this in many Catholic rites. As opposed to a cross, the Crucifix has an image of the body of Jesus Christ, giving a 3-dimensional representation of Christ on the Cross.

The Dimension of a Crucifix varies, depending on where you see it or where you place it. In churches, there is a large Crucifix in the middle of the church just behind the altar; while in most homes, the Crucifix is a small standing symbol placed on tables or home altars.

Various Dimensions of a Crucifix

Dimension of a Crucifix that you can place on tables or home altars, the sizes usually range from eight inches to eleven inches, fourteen inches and up to twenty-one inches, depending on the size of your table.

This can be made of metal, antique brass, wood or plastic. Standing Crucifixes are also placed on altar tables in Catholic churches.

There are also wall Crucifixes that can likewise be found in homes, churches and other Catholic religious offices. Dimension of a Crucifix for this type also varies but typically, this can measure anywhere from three inches up to ten inches.

These can be made from polished brass, metal or wood. The Crucifixes can be simple crosses with Christ’s body or these can also be adorned with intricate details on the sides of the cross.

Selection of Crucifixes on the Internet

You will find that the internet has an excellent collection of various Crucifixes that you can use for your homes. Various online shops include specifications of their Crucifixes, including materials these were made from, the Dimension of a Crucifix and corresponding prices.

There are a number of online shops that offer religious items so you may want to check these out first before going to the more popular auction, bidding or re-seller sites.

An eight-inch Crucifix that you can place on tables costs somewhere between $47.99 up to $289.99, depending on the Dimension of a Crucifix, the design and the material it was made from.

For wall Crucifixes, the prices range from $20.00 up to $342.99, again depending on the Dimension of a Crucifix, the materials and the details of your choice.

Most online shops offer various Crucifixes at discounted rates and some also offer free delivery services as well.

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