Bed Box Spring Sizes

Healthy sleepers move constantly around the bed. That’s why it is important that there is enough room for a person to move around in the bed while one sleeps.

The bed box spring, since it is the bed frame, determines how much room is available for a sleeper. Bed box spring sizes are varied widely as much as there are different sizes for beddings, mattresses, and other items.

Standard Sizes

There are standard sizes for bed box spring. There are double, queen, king, full-size, and every other bed size available. You will find the difference in height. Low profile box springs are between 5 to 5.5 inches while the high profile version can go up to 9 inches.

What’s a Box Spring For?

The box spring is an important part of your bed. It is the bed base and carries all the weight. That’s why box springs are made with a sturdy kind of hard wood or metal. It provides a firm and flat structure to the bed, keeping it sturdy and steady. It also creates a flat surface for the mattress to be placed. Box springs are also intended to reduce the wear and tear of everyday use. It serves as the shock absorber of your mattress. It also makes getting in and out of the bed much easier. Its provided height makes it convenient for your to step in and out of the mattress.

When it is not Needed?

Although it is nice to have a box spring around and it does provide a couple of conveniences, some beds do not really have a need for a box spring. A Japanese-futon style of mattress, for example, sans the need for a box spring. It can be laid out on the floor on its own.

Still, there are more beds that require a box spring to stand beautifully in any room. Four posters and traditional Western frames all need a box spring to place the mattress on.

A Beautiful Bed

It is important to have a beautiful bedroom and a beautiful bed altogether. Sleeping is one of the most important resting pleasures mankind need to rejuvenate and revitalize. Without enough sleep, you will lack the energy you need to face a brand new day.

Your bedroom is your personal haven; your bed is your sanctuary. It is ideal that you decorate your bedroom properly so it encourages many relaxing and restful sleeps. Choosing the bed box spring, your mattresses, and other beddings properly would also help you create a nice bedroom.

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