Longest Truss Bridge

The longest truss bridge in the world is Pont de Quebec Longest Truss Bridge(or Quebec Bridge). It is 987 meters (m) long or 3,239 ft. Its other technical specifications as well as of other lengthy truss bridges are detailed below.

Dimensions of the Pont de Quebec (Canada)

The Pont de Quebec is 29 m (94 ft) wide. The longest span has been measured at 549 m (1,890 ft). The locale is in Quebec City and has 3 roadways, one rail and one pedestrian walkway. The bridge was opened in 1919. The coordinates are 46 degrees, 44’ 46” N, 71 degrees, 17’, 16” W.

The bridge is 104 m (340 ft) high. The arms measure 177 m (580 ft). They are used to support a center structure measuring 195 m (640 ft). The longest truss bridge did not have a highway lane installed until 1929. The second was installed in 1949. The bridge is owned by the Canadian National Railway.

Dimensions of the Forth Railway Bridge (Scotland)

The Forth Railway is the second longest in the world. The longest span is 521.3 m (equal to 1,710 ft). The clearance below is 150 ft (46 m). It is about 2.5 km (1.5 mi) long. The double track has a height of 46 m (150 ft).

The bridge also has two side spans 675 ft long. There are also 15 approach spans measuring 168 ft (51 m). There are also five spans measuring 7.6 m (25 ft).

The two cantilever arms on the major span measures 210 m (680 ft). The second longest truss bridge in the world has four tower cantilever structures. They are 105 m (340 ft) high. Each one has a diameter of 21 m (70 ft).

5,600 individuals worked on its construction. 55,000 tons were used as well as 18,000 sq m of granite. The speed limit is 80 km/h (50 mph). This is for freight trains. The weight limit for trains is 1,422 tonnes (1,442,000 kg).

Dimensions of the Minato Bridge (Japan)

The Minato Bridge is 983 m (3,230 ft) and 22.5 m (74 ft) wide. the longest span is 1,700 ft. The clearance below is 51 m. The coordinates are 34.644069 degrees, N, 135.437629 degrees E. The bridge opened in 1973.

Dimensions of the Commodore Barry Bridge (USA)

The fourth longest truss bridge in the world, the bridge measures 4,240.38 m (13,912 ft). The longest span is 501.09 m (1,644 ft). The width is 23.47 m (77 ft).

The clearance below is 58.52 m (192 ft). There are five lanes on the bridge. An apparatus is built in which can change the number of lanes. The bridge was made to replace a ferry service.

Dimensions of the Greater New Orleans Bridge (USA)

Also known as the Crescent City Connection, its main span is 480 m (1,575 ft). The entire length is 4,093 m (13,428 ft). The width is 16 m or 52 ft. The clearance below has been measured at 52 m (170 ft).

These are the longest truss bridges on the planet. All engineering marvels, they have become important components in their respective countries’ commerce and trade.

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