Filing Cabinet Dimensions

A filing cabinet has so much to do with the science of putting things in place. Whether it is in the house or at your workplace, you will need a filing cabinet to keep important documents in a secured and organized location.

A filing cabinet is an organizer, an office furnitureFiling Cabinet that holds documents and file folders. It has several drawers where the items are stored securely and neatly. There are different types of filing cabinets. They may be horizontal, vertical, lateral, or shelf file. They may be made from a sheet of metal or wood. Although wood looks stylish, metal filing cabinets are often the choice because they are fireproof. Whatever kind of filing cabinet that is, it sure fits and is deemed appropriate for both home and office use.

Filing cabinet dimensions usually depend on the type of storage furniture we are talking about.

The Horizontal File Cabinet

The horizontal file is one of the earliest designs of cabinets. It was invented in the late 1880s. What is special about it is that it has a safe that is secured with a lock and which is flame-resistant. The horizontal file cabinet comes in different sizes, depending on the bulk of papers you seek to stock up.

The Vertical File

This is the filing cabinet design used widely in the modern day. It comes in a wide variety of versions. But for office or home use, the standard is the three-drawer and four-drawer type, which comes in either letter-size or legal size paper. By letter-size and legal size, we mean the width of the filing cabinet. They also come in different depths. They may be 25, 26 1/2, or 28 inches deep. What is amazing about the vertical file type is that they can be suspended completely for full access to the files.

The Lateral File

The lateral file cabinet is another common sight in most workplace. In Great Britain, it is also known as the side filer. Lateral file cabinets also come in different sizes. They come with two, three, four, and five drawers in different widths. The common widths of lateral file cabinets are 30, 36, and 42 inches. Most lateral file cabinets are 20 inches deep.

The Shelf File

The shelf file cabinet is unique among the filing cabinet types because it has no drawers, only shelves. The shelf file cabinets are usually 12 to 18 inches deep, 30 to 42 inches wide, and 5 to 6 inches high.Filing cabinet dimensions vary according to the type we are talking about. There are vertical, horizontal, lateral, and shelf file cabinets that come in different sizes and measurements.

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