Sapphire Sizes

Sapphires are gemstones, usually blue in color, found in mines around Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and parts of North America. One of the rarest sapphires however is not blue in color but a pink-orange stone.

This type of sapphire is called Padparadscha and is one of the most expensive sapphires stones to date. Sapphire sizes come in a variety of carats, and these determine the price of the jewelry alongside the karat of the ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings.

Sapphire Sizes

Small and medium sapphires are usually ¼ carat, ½ and 1 ½ carats. There are also 3-carat sapphires which make for a perfect alternative for the usual diamond engagement ring.

On occasion, you might also come across sapphires of ten-carat calibers and these can be quite expensive, running thousands of dollars at the very least.

Price range for small and medium sapphires can be anywhere from $50 up to $3,000, depending on the size of the sapphire and the jewelry where it is set.

If you compare sapphire sizes to other gemstones such as the diamond, you will notice that a sapphire of the same carat as that of a diamond will be smaller. This is because a sapphire stone is bit heavier than a diamond stone.

Sapphire Sizes Based on Measurements

On the other hand, you may also base your selection on the actual measurement of the sapphires set on specific pieces of jewelry. Various jewelry stores have their own measurements for sapphire stones, others use measurements in millimeters or centimeters; still others, use inches.

Sapphire rings usually have stones between 5.5 millimeters and 8 millimeters and these are typically bought for engagement rings. They can come in a simple center-set style or they can be adorned with small diamonds.

They can be set on gold, white gold and platinum bands.

For earrings, the size is typically 5 millimeters for the usual stud earrings while loop or dangling earrings adorned with sapphires have smaller sapphire sizes. These can likewise be set on gold, white gold and platinum earrings.

There are also sapphire pendants and the usual sizes for these are similar to those found in earrings.

Choosing Colors

When choosing blue sapphires, you should know that there are different shades of blue that sapphires come in. The most valuable blue sapphire has an intense blue shade and this type is rare hence; it comes with a hefty price tag. This type of blue is often referred to as Cornflower Blue.

Other sapphire blues have touches of gray, white and very dark blue.

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