Most Expensive Diamond Cuts

When it comes to choosing diamond jewelries, there’s more to this than just deciding how small or big you want the diamond to be and which pieces of jewelry you would like to have diamonds in them.

Of course one of your biggest considerations is the price and one huge factor that will affect just how much a piece of diamond jewelry is, is the diamond cut. There are various diamond cuts that you would normally find in jewelry stores today and each cut has a corresponding price.

Most Expensive Diamond Cuts


By far, the most expensive diamond cut is the round-brilliant cut. This is because it takes a more painstaking and meticulous process to achieve this cut plus a lot of the rough or unpolished diamond is cut away which, according to jewelers’ standards, increases the diamond price.

These days, there is another standard for round-brilliant cuts that jewelers use as basis for this diamond cut – the Ideal Cut. This one requires even more painstaking precision to achieve what is known as the “idea” round-brilliant cut.

This being said, the Ideal Cut puts another premium on round-brilliant diamonds. Since these are harder to create and again, a lot of the rough diamond is wasted away; these are even more expensive.

In addition, not all jewelers can achieve the exact precision of an Ideal Cut which makes this cut rarer than other diamonds cuts. Again, what this means is that you get a really expensive cut – the most expensive even out of all the diamond cuts today.

Asscher Cut

Asscher-cut diamonds are quite rare and because of this, they are also considered as one of the most expensive diamond cuts in the world today.

This type of diamond cut is actually patented by a family in Amsterdam and it is said that they are the only ones that produce this kind of shape hence; their rarity.

Less Expensive Diamond Cuts

Princess Cut

The Princess cut, although quite new in the diamond-cutting industry, is fast becoming a popular choice worldwide. This is not as expensive as the other two cuts mentioned above because it is easier to cut and there is less of the rough diamond that is cut away.

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut is also considered as one of the less – if not least – expensive diamond cuts because it takes the crystalline form of the diamond hence; less cutting is required to achieve its shape.

This cut got its name from the standard cut done in emeralds. Since emeralds have a softer quality as compared to diamonds, these would often get cracks and fractures; hence, jewelers decided to use diamonds instead.

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