Aquarium Gravel Sizes

Using the right aquarium gravel sizes is required for your fish. For an average size fish tank, you can use 2-3” of #3 gravel. #3 gravel is about .2 cm to .5 cm. There are also bigger types such as #5 gravel. The bigger ones are about the size of a pea.

How to Measure the Required Gravel

If you want to be more specific, you can use the following method. Get a ruler and measure the length and width of the aquarium. The measurement should be in inches. Multiply the length by the width. Divide the result by 10. The answer is the amount of gravel you need in pounds. Using this method, you will get sufficient gravel to uniformly cover aquarium bottom. These calculations will provide two inches of gravel.

If you want to add or reduce the depth, multiply the figures you get by the percentage decrease or increase you want. If you prefer to make it three inches deep, you will need 150% more gravel than the 2” needs. Multiply the number by 1.5 and you will get the proper amount of gravel for the aquarium. This figure is also in pounds. If you want four inch deep gravel, multiply the numbers by 2.

How to Choose Fish Tank Gravel

Aside from aquarium gravel sizes, you need to consider other factors. Select only gravel for fish tanks. If there are bottom feeders in the aquarium, use only fine gravel. You must also set up an environment that reef and marine wildlife can live in. There should be crushed coral and aragonite. The gravel should have magnesium and calcium. This will keep the pH level balanced.

About Plants and Gravel

You should use two gravel layers if you want to grow plants. Laterite and vermiculite should make up the bottom part of the layer. These gravel types are used to store nutrients and water needed by plants. You can use regular gravel for the upper layer.

Other Information

There are different kinds of gravel colors to choose from. Just pick the ones that meet your needs. Be certain of your choice; once gravel is in place, it will be very difficult to remove. These are available in many online stores.

You are not limited to aquarium gravel sizes; you can also try sand. To be on the safe side, you need to use sand specially made for aquariums.

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