Baby Grand Piano Size

A baby grand piano size ranges from 4’6″ (145 cm) – 5’8″ (173 cm) in terms of length. Most of them are 5 ft wide. The tail width is 3 ft. The tail is the part opposite the keyboard, the one with the single leg.


These pianos are popular for several reasons. They are relatively inexpensive. The price ranges from $8,000-$20,000. By contrast, grand pianos can set you back by as much as $100,000. A baby grand is easier to move around because of its size. The enticing design makes them a fabulous addition to any home. They are also more attractive than upright pianos.

New or Antique Pianos

Older pianos are often cheaper and also come in baby grand piano size. Old pianos are fine if you’ll only be using it occasionally. But for serious musicians, modern pianos are the way to go. Actions are superior to older pianos. Modern baby pianos are better engineered.

Compared with older models, they are designed with focus on central heating. The biggest drawback of older pianos is they have been used a lot. Their strings have been played extensively. Antique pianos are liable to break down. Rather than spend thousands on restoration, it is better to buy a new one.

Other Considerations

Two areas you have to look at are the tail end and the main body. Two baby grands may have the same width. But their sound and performance will be different. A wider tail allows for a bigger soundboard area. They also have longer bass strings.

Bridge reception is better as well. There are baby grands less than five feet wide. But they are best avoided since the bass is inferior. The general rule is to buy the widest and longest baby grand possible.

Other Information

Several websites sell baby grands. They also offer upright and grand pianos. Examine each site carefully. Compare its prices with other stores. How many variants are available? Even though their dimensions are similar, their performance can vary. Product reviews are available in many websites. You can use that to get feedback on piano brands and manufacturers. Some stores offer free preparation and toning as well.

A baby grand piano size cannot be compared to a grand piano. But it is more than enough for home use. Those learning how to play for the first time will also benefit. These pianos are known for their efficiency and quick response.

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