Bath Rug Sizes

If you want a new look for your bathroom but do not have the budget for a renovation, decorating with bathroom are rugs can be your best resort. However, you must be aware of the available bath rug sizes in the market and how they will affect the look and feel of your bathroom.

Bathroom Rugs are Useful and Decorative

Updating your bathroom with rugs is the cheapest way to go. Buying a new rug will help revitalize, update, improve, beautify, and liven up your space without having to break the bank. The key is in choosing the perfect unit for your space. The perfect unit is one that is suitable in terms of size, shape, and design.

Bath rugs can turn a boring space into an exciting one with a splash of color or style. They can make an interesting focal point that will draw your eyes instantly. They can also create warmth in your bathroom space amid the cold stone, concrete, and tiled floors.

Then again, you must remember not to use just any other kind of rug. You must go for a quality unit that will make a difference on your bathroom style. You must also choose the most suitable size to make it a really nice addition.

Bath Rug Sizes

There are different bath rug sizes according to shapes. Rectangle rugs come in a standard size of 24 x 36 inches. There are also other sizes including 21 x 26 inches and a bigger 32 x 24 inches. For oversized rugs, the standard is 30 x 50 inches For bath rugs that are intended to cover the entire floor area, there are available sizes from 6 x 4 feet up to 6 x 12 feet. Circle rugs, meanwhile, have a standard diameter of 27 inches; for oval rugs, the common size is 59 x 24 inches.

If you have a different size in mind and it did not fall onto any of the available standard sizes, you can have a made-to-order rug that will be created according to your preference. Customized rugs are perfect for individuals who like a different appeal. They are also ideal for those who have a bathroom area that did not fall under the average sizes. If you want a bathroom rug that will cover your entire floor area, have a professional do the measurement and create the rug according to your own specifications. This is not so hard to accomplish as there are many available stores that are ready to make customized rugs.

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