Door Closer Dimensions

A door closer is an apparatus that closes the door whether it was opened by an individual or if it was automatically opened.

Door Closer Sizes

Their sizes are classified in many ways, but one of the standards is the BS EN 1154 classification. For door closer power size number 1, the recommended door width is 750 mm. For power size number 2, the door width should be 850 mm.

For power size number 3, the door can be 950 mm wide. For closer size number 4, the width is 1100 mm. For size number 5, it is 1250 mm. For size number 6, it is 1400 mm. For size 7 it is 1600 mm.

Note: for fire doors, a minimum of size 3 is needed. Also keep in mind that a higher door closer size may be needed if there is considerable air pressure.


Three styles are currently available. These are surface mounted, concealed in the floor and concealed in frames. The surface mounted closers are available in four types: the top jamb mounted, parallel arm surface mounted, regular arm surface mounted and slide-track arm.

Many of the models sold are surface mounted. However, there are also some concealed units sold as well. The concealed models are usually set in the door frame pocket. They can also be positioned in the floor below the pivot point. Another kind of door closer is connected to the door frame adjacent to the center hinge.

Brackets and Door Closer Sizes

In some cases building designs may require that brackets be mounted to the closer. These brackets can weaken the door closer’s strength. In this case a bigger door size will be needed. Some door closers can change their strength number by changing the closer’s position by moving it with the bracket.

Automatic Door Closers

An automatic door closer will open the door by itself. This is done using a push control button. Sometimes a motion detector device is used instead. The door will close by itself too. A proximity detector will be employed so the mechanism will know when it is safe to close the door.

Usage and Application

These door closers are most widely used for fire doors. In case of a fire, the closer will be able to close and prevent the smoke and flames from spreading. The door closer can also be used to keep the room temperature constant. This works because colder air cannot vent out when the door is closed.


Door closers are fit in various ways. This is dictated not just by the size but by the door arrangement too. There are three widely used applications for overhead door closers. They are figure 1, figure 55 and figure 61. The standard is figure 1.

Since the device is often used on fire doors, it is imperative that you use the right door closer size. By setting it up properly the unit can serve its purpose effectively. Just make sure that it is a match with the door size too.

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