How Big is a Metal Detector?

Several metal detector sizes can be purchased on the Net. You will see some that measure 28.2 x 10 x 6.2 inches, 30 x 12 x 6 inches and 26 x 11 x 7 inches. A lot of these devices fall within this size range so they are easy to use.


It is a device used to find metals. There are several variants. The most basic is composed of an oscillator that generates an alternating current. As it goes in a coil, an alternating magnetic field is created.

Eddy current will be created in the metal if an electrically conductive metal gets near it. This will also produce a magnetic field. The magnetic fields are used to find metals. The apparatus can find coins, aluminum, beer caps, pieces of jewelry and other metallic items.


These devices can be used by amateurs and professionals. They can be used in many ways. They can detect metal in wood, soil, sand and other surfaces. This means you can apply the detector in many environments.


There are many metal detector sizes, but the basic makeup is the same. One end will have the battery case and electronic box. At the other end is the handle or brace for the person’s arm.

There is a telescoping shaft with an insulated wire around it. The wire is also wrapped around a plastic disc known as the coil. The disc gets off the shaft in a way that it is parallel to the surface.


The electronic box is gripped by the operator and is turned on. The coil is swept slowly over the surface. If a metallic element is detected, a beeping sound will go off. This notifies the user that there is a metal underneath.


Some of these detectors can distinguish between different types of metals. This feature can be useful for those who are looking for specific metal types. You can decide if the element is worth checking out or not.

Recreational Use

These detectors can be a lot of fun. Most of the time, metallic elements detected are nothing more than trash or discarded stuff. However, you may also end up locating a ring, coins or other valuable items. It will also depend on where you look.

The metal detector sizes are not an accurate gauge of how well it can find metals. You should purchase from known brands. Online reviews can also help you find a product that works.

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