Length of a Jump Rope

The use of jump rope is one of the more enjoyable exercises. It is fun to, more like playing, so would not feel any pressure while your body is getting fit. You can do it while you are alone or you can let someone or even a couple of friends to join you. Skipping with a partner or a group proves to bee more exciting than skipping alone. But if you are serious about getting fit, you should choose to skip alone so you have more concentration on your exercise goal.

Unlike other forms of exercises, skipping also requires very little equipment. You only need a jump rope and you are good to go.

The most important consideration when buying a jump rope is length. You need to make sure that the length of your rope is long enough to accommodate your height.

The Length of a Jump Rope

Basically, the length of a jump rope depends on the person using it. If you stand 5’8”, you need to have a 9-foot jump rope. That will give you enough elbowroom to jump without tripping.

If you cannot find a jump rope size chart that will tell you exactly what length – 7’, 8’, 9’, 10’, 11’ – you need, you can just think about the rule of thumb when choosing the right size.

Step on the middle part of the jump rope. The right length is the one which, when you pulled up your sides, will reach as far as your armpits. If you jump too high, you can adjust that size by holding out both your arms wider.

It is easier to go for a longer rope than a shorter one. It is easy to adjust when your jump rope is longer than you need but you barely have anything to do with a shorter one.

Rope Types

When you are done choosing your jump rope according to length, you can then focus on other aspects like style. The most common jump rope types are licorice and beaded. Licorice ropes are ideal for adult users while beaded ropes are intended for children because they make a sound as they hit the floor, making it even more enjoyable for young kids to develop a rhythm.

Aside from choosing the rope type, you should also be conscious about your gear when skipping rope. Never use a slippery pair of shoes or sandals. Your footwear must be good enough for jumping. So you do not risk tripping or slipping, which would surely cause injury.

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