Dimension of a Swing Set

A swing set will provide children hours of fun. The sets sold today are made for kids of different age brackets, so check the specs before you buy.

Swing Set Dimensions: Little Tikes Swing along Castle

The Little Tikes Swing along Castle measures 50.2 x 58.5 x 41.2 inches and weighs 30.2 lbs. The swing is fitted with a safety belt and has a rock climbing wall as well. The wall is designed for beginners, so it is easy for kids to climb on to.

The slide is a bright red and its smooth slope ensures the landings are soft. The telescope can swivel a full 360 degrees. The swing set is designed for outdoor or indoor play.

The entire play set is durable, so kids can keep playing as they grow older. The swing’s design allows it to move back and forth easily.

Swing Set Dimensions: Kettler Deluxe Double Swing

The Kettler Deluxe double swing set measures 85 x 78.5 x 117.5 inches (H x W x L). This swing set has two swings, climbing rope, board swing and ladders. The coating is resistant to rust and fading, so the finish will remain even if it is used outside.

The seats can be fitted with other accessories made by Kettler. The double swing set is ideal for those who have two kids, and the strong frame tubing ensures it will last. The seats are blow-molded resin and are sturdily built. Ground anchors are included in the package. The frame capacity is 200 lbs.

Swing Set Dimensions: Pacific Cycle Manchester

The Pacific Cycle Manchester swing set measurements are 243 x 153 x 84 inches. The hardware has been inserted so it takes less time to assemble. The structure is made of steel and there are chain protectors built in.

The unit is made for use outdoors. The corners are welded, giving it additional strength and stability. The legs have foam padding for improved safety.

The set comes with 2 sling swings, 6′ wave slide, molded trapeze with hand grabs and wave slide. There is also a see-saw and lawn swing. The colors are silver, yellow and black.

Swing Set Dimensions: Swing – N – Slide Pioneer

The Swing – N – Slide Pioneer measures 13′ W x 16′ L x 8′ H The package comes with half a dozen EZ frame brackets, a couple of swing seats, three pairs of swing hangers and rings.

This is a DIY (do it yourself) kit. You can choose which parts to buy and assemble them. There are four design options available and you can get the needed lumber, bolts and other accessories. The set comes with a slide platform.


Go over the user guide thoroughly; these sets will require assembly, even the small ones. Follow the instructions carefully so everything works out correctly.

The swing set dimensions are commensurate to the age brackets the sets are made for. Make sure the set you buy is appropriate for the kids so they will not have a difficult time using them.

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