Air Force One Dimensions

The term Air Force One is used for any aircraft that carries the US President.Air Force One The current one is the Boeing VC-25. The dimensions of Air Force One, including its major features are summarized below.

General Characteristics

Air Force One is 231 ft 5 in long (70.6 m). The wingspan is 195 ft 8 in (about 59.6 m). The height is 63 ft 5 in (equal to 19.3 m). The weight without fuel is 526,500 lbs (or 238,800 kg). The maximum weight it can lift is 833,000 lbs (375,000 kg).

The crew number 26 including three pilots. There is room for 76 passengers. The power plant specs: G.E. CF6-80C2B1 turbofans, 56,700 lbf (250 kN) each (4x).

Performance Details

The dimensions of Air Force One notwithstanding, the aircraft can fly at speeds of 1,015 km/h (Mach 0.92; 630 mph). The cruise speed is Mach 0.84. The range is up to 13,000 km (7,800 mi; 6,800 nm). The service ceiling is set at 45,100 ft or 13,700 m.

Design and Layout

There are three decks with a floor space of 4,000 sq ft (370 sq m). The lowest deck is utilized for cargo and storing fuel supplies. The second deck is the main deck. It comes with three entrances, two at the lower end and one up front. The President enters and departs via the front entrance; everyone else goes through the lower doors.

The Executive Suite

The dimensions of Air Force One have been designed to allow room for the executive suite or “White House”. It includes two couches that could be transformed into beds, shower and office. The plane is also fitted with communications systems so speaking before the people is possible from within the aircraft.

There is also a conference room. A 50 inch plasma screen is installed there for teleconferencing purposes. All in all, the aircraft has 87 communication devices and 19 TVs.

Other Features

The aircraft also has full medical faculties, including an operating table and a pharmacy. Given the dimensions of Air Force One, it should not be surprising it has two galleys for food. Food can be prepared for up to 100 people.

There are also quarters for the staff, the Secret Service, media and other personnel. The third deck is where the majority of the communication facilities are kept. The cockpit is also on the third floor. The communications equipment comes in both secure and non secure variants.

Air Force One has also been designed to travel 12,600 km (7,800 mi) without refueling. Refueling can be done in mid-air with a tanker aircraft. The total cost of Air Force One is $325 million.

The aircraft is fitted with numerous countermeasures against anti-aircraft missiles. ECMs are also installed to deflect and confuse radar. Its other weapons and capabilities are top secret for security purposes.

The dimensions of Air Force One and its cost have led the USAF Air Mobility Command to look for replacements. Among those being considered are the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747-8.

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