Skyscraper Banner Dimensions

Skyscraper banner dimensions come in three types. The standard is 160 by 600 pixels. The thin version is 120 by 600 pixels and the half page is 300 by 600.


Skyscraper banners are also called skyscraper ads. During the early days of Web advertising, there were no standard sizes for online banners. However, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) decided to standardize the dimensions of Web banners.

Comparison with Other Web Banners

The banner types and sizes used in online advertising are as follows. The leaderboard measures 728 by 90 pixels; the full or impact banner is 468 by 60 pixels. The half banner is 234 by 60 and the micro bar is 88 by 31.

Compared with the skyscraper banner dimensions, the micro button is much smaller at 80 by 15 pixels. There are three other button sizes: 120 by 90, 120 by 60 and 125 by 125 (this is a square button). The micro bar is 88 by 31. The vertical banner is 120 by 240 pixels.

Using Web Banners

No matter the size of the banner, it’s the design that counts. Whatever the subject matter, make sure the ad is compelling. Typing “click here!” in bold capital letters isn’t enough. Advertising companies rely on graphic artists to make their ads. At the same time, you should consider the target audience.

If you’re using skyscraper banner dimensions, take full advantage of its size to put interesting facts and graphics on it. If the banner is about a hotel resort, include graphics depicting the amenities.

Use a PPC or CPC Network

CPC means cost per click; PPC is pay per click. Networks will use one or the other. This method is preferred by a lot of companies. Before, one had to pay for skyscraper banner impressions viewed by people who aren’t curious or interested. The pricing methods used by networks vary widely, so you’ll have to compare them.

Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program functions using the cost per sale (CPS) or cost per click (CPC) method. The advantage here is that one has to pay after a sale or lead. The amount to pay is also fixed.

All available affiliate programs can handle skyscraper banner dimensions as well as those of other ads. What the application does is render the banner available to their affiliates.


The world of skyscraper banners and online advertising are filled with jargon. Hits refer to the times a web server has gotten a request for a page or graphic. Sometimes the term view or page view is used instead of hits.

Banner view refers to the times it has been viewed. CPM is cost per thousand. The typical price is $15 for every 1,000 times the banner is shown. Click refers to the occasions when a user clicks a banner and goes to the advertiser’s site. This is also known as click through. CTR is click through rate. 2% CTR means 2 out of 1,000 visitors click the banner.

The skyscraper banner dimensions are effective only as long as the design is compelling. This is the challenge faced by advertisers today.

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